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Dr. Anthony Botti was born and raised in West Orange, NJ.

He holds a B.A. in Biology from The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. and an M.S. in Biomedical Sciences from Wagner College in Staten Island. Dr. Botti completed medical school at the Universidad de Navarra in Pamplona, Spain. He went on to a straight internship and medical residency Internal Medicine at The Jewish Hospital and Medical Center of Brooklyn where he served as chief medical resident.

He finished a combined Hematology-Oncology fellowship at Long Island College Hospital in 1988. After graduation, Dr. Botti became the Director of Adult Hematology at United Hospitals Medical Center in Newark, NJ. In 1990, Dr. Botti entered private practice as an attending at Saint Barnabas Medical Center and consulted at various other local hospitals.

Dr. Botti is a well-known and well-respected local hematologist and medical oncologist with nearly 30 years of private practice history. His professional interests include evaluation and management of anemia, leukemia, lymphoma, and plasma cell dyscrasias. Dr. Botti is involved with the Blood Management Institute at Saint Barnabas Medical Center where he provides consultations and intravenous iron therapies to patients wishing to avoid the use of blood and blood products .

Dr. Botti has had several publications during his career and has submitted numerous abstracts to professional societies. He is board certified in internal medicine, Hematology, and Medical Oncology, and is a member of the American Society of Hematology, New Jersey Oncology Society, and the Society for the study of blood.

Currently, he serves as the Medical Director for LSG Infusion Services, a comprehensive Infusion Care Center providing therapies involving chemotherapy, monoclonal antibodies, biologic agents, parenteral iron, antibiotics, growth factors and more upon referral from other health care providers and physicians.